3A PDF to Word Batch Converter


Convert PDF documents to DOC format


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You've probably had to edit a PDF document many times, or at least extract part of one to use in a Word document.

3A PDF to Word Batch Converter is a super useful tool that lets you do this process without any hassle.

The best thing about 3A PDF to Word Batch Converter, besides that it's extremely easy to use, is that it not only extracts the text from the original file (like other similar programs) but can also convert entire documents into DOC format, including images, graphs, and the original design in the new file.

Naturally, you can also deactivate this option and extract only the document's text, as well as selecting some other minor options when doing the conversion, like zoom, number of pages to convert, or space between the characters.

You can use the trial version for a maximum of 30 sessions.

It only converts the first two pages of each document.

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